WHITE celebrates its first step into China with an event in Shanghai with the support of ICE- Italian Trade Agency, the special presence of Consul General of Italy Stefano Beltrame and Claudio Pasqualucci Director of Italian Trade Agency Office in Shanghai.

Contemporary Lifestyle embraces West and East with an installation which showed the best of Italian and Chinese Contemporary fashion a selection of designers (first presented in Milan during the tradeshow as Whiteast project) that mirror each other in terms of trends, use of materials and targeting the same consumer as there are no boundaries anymore and China is a florid market for this specific segment of fashion.

The special event registered a presence of the most important journalists and buyers from China, with the special presence of H.Lorenzo from Los Angeles. Successful happening that will lead to a growing interest of Italian labels in China as well as did the Whiteast project in Milan.

“Over the last few years WHITE trademark, has invested on growth by widening its scope well beyond the traditional and merely trade-fair mindset, by developing an investment plan to boost WHITE as a brand through communication projects with a cultural connotation, aiming to make the tradeshow increasingly International.” Declared Massimiliano Bizzi Founder of White and Brenda Bellei Ceo of White.